Mickey was a special cat that came to live with us from Petsmart Humane Society of the Lakes. We were looking to add to our family and his name was Creek but we were off to California for a business trip turned fun trip for our daughter since we were just a few blocks from Disneyland. Maggie changed his name to Mickey since he has a cute black nose and two black ears! Lol Mickey has now lived with us a whole year.

The first few months with Mickey he cried when Maggie wasn’t in the same room as him. He has a cry that sounded like a mom cry! Haha. He was soo loud! Over the summer he figured out how to jump out the doors…which actually was good for our farm. He loves loves to hunt for mice! Since we now have chickens and ducks we do not use much poison on our family farm. So our bins we had so many mice and Mickey would go in the bin and minutes later come out with a mouse. Then he would go back in. I have never really experienced a cat working and proud of what he was doing. My husband would have my daughter go get Mickey and take him to the bins. It really was something to to see if u like that sort of thing. Ha

Fast Forward to the winter that never ends and we are coming upon Mickey 1st yr anniversary with us! We call it his birthday and he will be two! Mickey has been such an exciting cat to have except for the long winter which he does not like at all! He tries every day to go outside and meows at the patio every day; I think he is wishing it warm so he can go hunting.

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